Update from Finaeos

We Hacked away with Microsoft

We’ve invented an entirely new delivery for an Enterprise Mobile APP experience

Many Thanks to the Genius Team who put their minds to work at Microsoft for hacking with us on the Finaeos Platform of Platforms for Fintech.

APPs will deploy, instantly, on every mobile OS platform – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile – using Microsoft Xamarin.

Microsoft Azure + Finaeos Core

Building the Fintech Core Platform application on the stack – dynamic Access from the web application, from private branded portals, to native Mobile or Watch.

Imagine any enterprise can launch their branded platform simultaneously on the web and mobile app stores.

Contact us to find out more.

The Finaeos Smart Core

Imagine the most complex transaction with Finaeos Smart Contract TM technology delivering specific user access and authority, from desktop to mobile with dynamic dashboards. Each party notified with their specific task, role, action, to get authority, for the “close” on any transaction, every step of the way.

Private, Secure, Distributed Work Flows, Documents & Signatures Anywhere.

The FinMobilze Project Available Q1 2017

Step away from behind the screen
we’re taking financial services to the street!
Find out how Fintech can mobilize for your business
New Year - New markets 2017 with Finaeos + Microsoft.

It’s a NewYear , New Markets, New World of Connectivity in Fintech 2017
Finaeos + Microsoft making it happen!

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